How to Make Money on Fiverr Without Skills in 2024

Want to make money on Fiverr but do not have any skills? There are different ways to make money on Fiverr without skills. We offer you a step-by-step guide on how to turn boring tasks into money-making opportunities. Here we will also give you some tips that you can use to earn a lot of money on Fiverr.

The Internet has developed a lot in the world of technology now everyone wants to earn money sitting at home. If you also want to earn money sitting at home and do not have any skills, today I am going to tell you about some Fiverr gigs that do not require any skills.

So I am going to tell you about easy gigs to make money on Fiverr that include copy-paste, proofreading, data entry, jobs, etc. It does not require any skills and you can earn money from home. So keep reading to know more.

How to Make Money on Fiverr without Skills in 2023
How to Make Money on Fiverr Without Skills

What is Fiverr, and How Does It Work?

Fiverr is a freelance website that allows both individuals and businesses to collaborate to source the right services for projects. Services on Fiverr are called “gigs”. Gigs can be anything from data entry to copy-paste to digital marketing, starting at just 5$.

When you create a gig on Fiver, you provide information on everything from how often you will complete the work and how much you will be paid to complete the work or the complete information you need to provide within your gigs.

Once clients purchase your gig, they will send you all the necessary information and files. You then have the time to complete the work and deliver it to the client. Once the client is happy with your work, they will leave a review and rating on your gig.

Fiverr keeps a cut of each transaction as a service fee, and you get to keep the rest! Now that we have covered how Fiverr works, let us move on to how you can make money on the platform without any skills.

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How to Create an Account on Fiverr

Before creating an account on Fiver, let me tell you that there are two types of accounts on Fiver, one is a buyer account and the other is a seller account right now we are learning Fiverr gig so we will create a Fiverr seller account.

  1. First of all, go to the Fiverr home page and click on the join button.
  2. Enter your Email and click the Continue button. You can also join with Facebook, Google Connect, and Apple Connect.
  3. Choose your username. Note: Once you have successfully created your account, your username can not be changed. Your username is your display name (and is within your Fiverr URL), so think long and hard, and choose wisely.
  4. Choose your password and click Join.
  5. You are now registered on Fiverr! After you have registered your account, you will receive an email to activate your account.
  6. Within the activation, email you receive from Fiverr, click Activate Your Account.

How to Active Seller Account

Before you activate your seller account, make sure that the e-mail of your Fiverr account is correct and that it is the one you want to use as a seller on Fiverr.

If it is incorrect or you wish to use a different email to sell on Fiverr, you can change your email or Contact Support for assistance.

1. Log in to your Fiverr account > click on your profile picture > select Become a Seller from the dropdown menu.

2. On the page you are redirected to, click on Become a Seller again to start the onboarding process. This includes watching three videos on how to use Fiverr as a seller.

3. Once you are done watching the videos, you will be directed to Fiverr tips on what makes a successful Fiverr profile and what to steer clear of as a seller. After, click Continue.

4. Complete the mandatory fields (marked with an asterisk). Be sure to complete your onboarding using only truthful and accurate information regarding your training, working experience, and skills.

Remember: The more accurate and detailed the information you add, the better your seller profile will be.

5. Next, you can choose to link your account to other social media channels. Note: Taking the time to verify and link your accounts can upgrade your credibility and help us provide you with more business. Do not worry, your information is and always will remain private.

6. At the end of the onboarding process, you are required to phone verify your account.

7. The final step is to Create Your First Gig to offer your services as a seller on Fiverr.

How to Make a Fiverr Gig

In the above section, we have explained to you how to create a Fiverr account now that you have verified the Fiver account. Now we will discuss how to make a Fiverr gig you can click on the link here to visit the Fiverr website to see how you can create a Fiverr gig.

Easy Gigs to Make Money on Fiverr Without Skills

If you do not know how to earn from Fiverr then I am going to tell you about some Fiverr jobs for beginners with some easy gigs to make money on Fiverr detailed below.

Copy Paste Gigs

Copy Paste gigs are one of the most searched gigs on the internet. There are hundreds of companies out there that are hiring freelancers to fulfill copy-paste needs. It pays between $5 to $20.

Beta Reader

Do you enjoy reading books? If you do then this skill is perfect for you. Let us explain what beta reading is If you do not know already. It is a kind of gig where people pay you to read work and require your feedback on the given book/topic. Some clients do not necessarily want you to read a book but it can be any piece of writing. Beta reading pays up to $30.

Background Removing From Photos

There was a time when only people with Adobe Photoshop skills could perform such tasks. However, with the advancement in technology, those days are in the distant past. Now, majority of the people can remove the background of an image in a matter of seconds. There are still people out there who would want this service. It pays up to $20.

Posting Comments on Blogs

It is another job where you can earn money through Fiverr and with little or no knowledge. What you need to do is leave comments on blogs by the instructions of the customer. The maximum amount you can earn is 10 dollars, but this all is contingent on the number of comments.

Web Research

Out of all the jobs that we have mentioned to date, research on the web is the most challenging because it takes greater time and effort. The task is to gather certain details regarding a person, company, or something else. It is possible to earn as much as 30 dollars from this.

Link Sharing

However, you do not require any expertise to do this, but you need to have a substantial amount of followers. You will be offered links that you must share via your social media accounts like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram for followers to click these links. Link sharing gig pays $5-10.

Data Entry

The data entry process is a similar job that does not require special knowledge. You will need an internet connection, as well as the ability to type information into spreadsheets or websites. This is among the most sought-after gigs available through freelancing platforms. Jobs in data entry pay very well in comparison to other tasks that are discussed in this article. Earn up to $50.


It requires skills that are already in the language you speak. Fiverr is a massive market where customers need different kinds of services. all kinds of things are sold there. Customers are eager to hire your services for transcribing content in any language to a native language.

If the language is not your first it is still possible to complete your services by using Google Translate. This free software will provide an initial translation. which you can smooth out.

Image Compression

Nowadays, cameras’ images can be massive. However, buyers require images that use less disk space for uploading on-site and also need assistance in reducing the size. The process is accomplished through compression.

If you accept this job, you will be able to compress your images in less than one minute through compressed jpeg. The free program reduces the dimensions of JPEG images, with no effect on the quality. If you have images that are PNG formats, then you may make use of compressed PNG, or transform the image to JPEG format with the tool before compressing it with compressed jpeg.


I hope after reading this article you can get complete information about how to make money on Fiverr without skills. if you like my article then share it too. Fiverr is a great platform for jobs for beginners.

Remember to create a catchy username and professional-looking profile picture, and be specific about the services you are offering in your gig description. You should also include how long it will take to complete the work, the type of files the client will receive, and how many revisions you will be willing to do.

By following these tips, you will be well on making more money on Fiverr without skills!

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