Best Squad Server Hosting Providers

The Squad is an online multiplayer shooter whose goal is to bridge the gap between full-on military simulator games such as the Arma series and run-and-gun arcade shooters like Call of Duty.

In Squad, you work as a team, each person with their role, towards an objective or enemy, and you get punished for working alone.

Squad Server Hosting
Best Squad Server Hosting Providers

Now that you are up to speed, would not you love to participate in something like a 10v10, 20v20, hell a 40v40 military battle on your server where you make the rules? You can set the parameters, and you can decide the location, you can build your world.

How To Select Best Squad Server Hosting

We picked the best server hosts for you based on total cost, performance, price to performance, customer support, and prior server host experience with other games.

Each host has its strengths, so we urge you to choose based on the categories and what you think you need. For example, if you plan on hosting full clans of players ready to go at it 24/7, then maybe do not get the budget option, and if you only have a couple of friends and wanna fight each other, then you probably should go with a cheaper server based around slot prices.

Best Squad Server Hosting Companies


Not only do they have great servers and an awesome control panel, but they also have an amazing support team. Their responsiveness and helpfulness blew me away, especially when compared to the other companies on this list.


  • Terrific performance
  • Great support
  • Competitive pricing for small servers
  • Servers all over the world
  • Lots of games


  • Some of their support documentation is lacking
  • Large servers can get a bit pricey

PingPerfect is one of the best squad server hosting companies around, regardless of the game you are playing. Between their fair pricing, stellar support, great performance, and awesome control panel, it does not get better than them.

On top of choosing your slot count, you can pay for extra CPU priority, which is great for Squad server hosting since the games have a lot of players.

Streamline Servers

Streamline Servers is one of the best hosting companies around. They are a little bit expensive, but you get your money’s worth. Streamline Servers are the fastest we have tested, and they also have a terrific support team.


  • Long established company
  • Wide variety of games
  • Fastest servers
  • Great support 


  • A bit pricey 

Citadel Servers

Citadel Servers is one of the best budget hosting companies on the market. They offer a wide variety of games for an affordable price per slot.


  • Dude, they are dirt cheap
  • Long established company
  • Fastest servers
  • Great support 


A bit less performance than the competition 

If you want cheap, we have got you there too. With Squad servers coming in at $0.43 per slot, Citadel Servers makes it easy to get a Squad server set up on the low.

With this kind of price, do not expect the best possible performance or variation in configuration options, but they do offer quite a bit for the price.

Like other hosts, they have extensive payment plan options from monthly to annually, and each payment plan past monthly provides a discount.

The server locations are quite limited, but they offer paid performance increases, premium support plans, dedicated server hosting, and a dedicated IP option.

How to Choose Squad Server Hosting

As we mentioned earlier in the first couple of sections, you need to choose a server based on what you plan to do with it. It may not seem all that important, but in the long term, it could mean the difference between $10 per month and $50 per month.

The higher the number of people you wish to host on your server simultaneously, the more you are going to need tons of slots and, more importantly, more processing power.

Hosts that allow you to get the most power out of the hosting server are going to give you the best experience with large numbers of people. If you have ever experienced bad connections or rubberbanding, that is how it will feel with tons of people on a low-power server.

How Much Does it Cost to Host a Squad Server Hosting?

Squad server hosting can cost you, on average, anywhere between $10 per month and $30 per month. But, that price can dramatically drop if you need a small number of slots, as there are hosts who charge under a dollar per slot.

As we have said before, you get what you pay for, at least most of the time. Do not go paying more than you need to, but do not employ a budget solution and expect anything close to world-class performance. Those people do exist.

All in all, compare prices to match your needs to get the most for your dollar when server shopping.

How to Host Your Squad Server Hosting

While you can host a Squad server completely free of your home computer or a separate computer on your network, it is not a good idea.

First of all, the sheer processing power and system memory you would need to run an online game like Squad are a lot more than games like Rust, Ark, or Minecraft. The squad is designed for large simultaneous player counts, and it is not cost-effective to host it from home.

Having large numbers of players connecting to a server on your home network is not going to serve as a great gaming experience for you or anybody else playing on the server.


The Squad is an awesome game that is better played with friends. Playing the game is the fun part finding good Squad server hosting providers, on the other hand, is challenging.

But the importance of choosing a good host cannot be overstated. Hopefully, this article helped you choose the best provider for your next Squad server.

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