Online Typing Jobs Without Investment From Home

Online typing jobs without investment from home: List of real online writing Jobs providing Sites and ideas. Hi Readers, these days I am attending to discuss online writing Jobs one of the best ways in which to earn money online.

Because you are attending to place your fingers to figure out and earn money for every word you kind on your PC. Almost most have access to the web these days and are finding out online jobs while not investing.

Though there square measure such a big amount of jobs square measure out there on the web individuals square measure still searching for no investment jobs. To those, I suggest online typing jobs without investment which is the best go-to place to find genuine work-at-home jobs.

This job is suitable for many people especially college students and housewives showing more interest in these jobs as this job requires no great skills and knowledge, and one can easily make a handsome income every month.

It is difficult to find genuine typing jobs as there are a lot of scams/fraud involved in it genuine online typing jobs without investment do not require you to invest any money or registration fee.

In this article, I am going to share ideas on how to find a genuine one. Also, I have listed some genuine sites to start working on.

Online Typing Jobs Without Investment From Home
Online Typing Jobs Without Investment From Home

What You Will Learn Below?

About Online Typing Jobs

The most lucrative money-making job available on the Internet was online typing jobs without investment. If you have good typing speed, there is a huge number of projects available for you. This work is a simple job similar to online data entry jobs, which include typing on the computer.

You can start doing this job from the comfort of your home and get paid to your bank account directly. There are many different kinds of typing jobs available and even data entry jobs, and form-filling jobs all come under this category. Hence this tells us that there is always a huge demand for this job across the internet.

If you have good typing speed, say about 35 words per minute, you are then ready to make a great monthly income.

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How Much Can You Earn?

A common question from my readers on any new job post I publish on my blog. Hence I deemed the responsibility to answer here too One can earn a decent income by doing online typing jobs without investment from home as it depends on your performance.

It is, therefore, possible to make Rs. 30000 and more every month if you do it right. In this article, I have explained different jobs based on their competition and earning potential.

So, once you have through the article completely, you can calculate the average income you can able to earn from this job.

On average, it is possible to earn around Rs.500 to Rs.1000 per day by working from home.

What are the Requirements?

Similar to other kinds of online jobs, this job also requires few tools to start making money. They are:

  • A computer or laptop with an Internet connection,
  • MS Word, MS Excel
  • Gmail account
  • Bank account
  • Payment processor accounts such as PayPal.

If you work directly for a company or an employer, you can get your payment credited to your bank account directly.

Else, some websites such as freelancers, work will pay their freelancers through PayPal and it will be automatically transferred to your local bank account.

Advantages and Disadvantages

It is possible to earn a decent income from this job, but there are some disadvantages which you should be aware of.

Not every online job is suitable for everyone because considering certain circumstances, some jobs become unsuitable.

Let us see the various advantages and disadvantages now.


  • No Investment
  • No Registration Fee
  • Work from home
  • Work anywhere based on your location
  • Good Earning Potential
  • No Special Skills required
  • Daily payment (Possible)


  • Fast typing speed required (Min 35 words per minute)
  • Good Grammar and English knowledge
  • Time-consuming work

I have mentioned only a few cons here, but there is a huge opportunity to make a decent income every month.

Let us see the different typing jobs and the list of sites that provide genuine jobs for people.

  • Get paid for sharing opinions
  • Online form-filling jobs
  • Online survey jobs
  • Online Jobs from Home
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4 Best Online Typing Jobs Without Investment

This article consists of a list of sites that offer genuine typing work from home.

1. Freelance Online Typing Jobs

2. Content Writing Jobs

3. Online Micro Jobs

4. Earn Money by Blogging

Since the Internet has both good and bad, it is our responsibility to find only the genuine sources of making money.

Freelancer Typing Jobs

Description: Particulars

Job Nature: Part-time and/or Full-time

Job Type: Work from Home (online)

Available Jobs: Typing, Word Processing, Data-Entry

Earning Potential: up to Rs. 20000 per month

Availability: PAN India (from any state)

Working Hours: 30mins to 1Hr

Qualification: 10, +2, any degree

Age: Above 18yrs

Skills: English, Typing, Internet Browsing

Payout via: Bank Transfer, Paytm Wallet

Joining Fee: Free (sometimes paid)

Join Freelancer Now

There are many freelancer websites available on the Internet that offer genuine online typing jobs without investment from home. This is the first place I recommend everyone to join because there is no way of getting scammed here.

The most popular freelancing sites where you can find these typing jobs without paying any fee were:

i.) Freelancer

ii.) Upwork

iii.) Fiverr

These sites are very popular in serving different kinds of online jobs and are 100% genuine.

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Fiverr Online Typing Jobs

You need to register a free account as a worker before finding or getting a job to work from home.

I have already written an article about the registration process on the Freelancer Website which may be useful for you now.

How to Get the Job?


Since Freelancer offers so many other different kinds of jobs, however, you can easily find one suitable online typing job to work at home.

You cannot directly start working on the job however you should first complete your profile by adding these skills:

  • Data Entry Jobs
  • Online Typing Jobs
  • Copy-paste and other related works.

Then browse for the title – “typing jobs” from the list of categories. You will find plenty of jobs for different employers. Now you should read their requirements and terms of conditions and then hit the Bid Now button if you are willing to work.

Quote your offer, estimated time to complete the project, and other necessary details if required by the employer.

Freelance Typing Work

Once your reputation starts growing, you will have more similar online typing jobs without investment in the future. After placing the bid, you will be informed via email if you are hired. Complete the work on time to earn money and a good reputation.

The process is very similar to UpWork but the user interface is quite different once you understand the process, it will be much easier. Working on more than one site will increase the chances of getting more jobs from home.

So do not wait anymore go to the recommended sites and register an account. Complete your profile and search for jobs. Bid on the project, take the job, complete it on time, and submit it to the employer to get the payment.

Both of these websites will make your payment via a payment processor such as PayPal and hence it is necessary to have one account.

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Content Writing Jobs

Description: Particulars

Job Nature: Part-time and/or Full-time

Job Type: Work from Home (online)

Available Jobs: Article Writing, Website Content Writing

Earning Potential: up to Rs. 20000 per month

Availability: PAN India (from any state)

Working Hours: 2Hrs to 1 Day

Qualification: 10, +2, any degree

Age: Above 18yrs

Skills: English, Typing, Internet Browsing

Payout via: Bank Transfer, Paytm Wallet

Joining Fee: Free (sometimes paid)

This is a bit different from the other kind of typing jobs because here you will have to put your brain to work along with your fingers. Here, you will be given a title or a context where you have to write about the topic in your own way.

There is a huge demand for content writers because of the digitalization of many blogs, websites, online magazines, and press journals that require more creative writers. Since fresh content is the core that keeps their business alive, there is always a need for writers.


  • Good Command in English
  • Grammar knowledge
  • Fast Typing Skill
  • Gmail account

There are so many different kinds of writing jobs available such as creative writing, copywriting, narrative writing, etc. As a beginner, you will earn approximately 10p to 30p per word you type to complete the content.

Once you gain experience and knowledge, you can earn more money per word you type. Do not think about where to find content writing jobs, just visit the link here and get the list of sites to start working immediately.

Even, Online Home Income requires creative content writers for our online business, and deserving candidates can apply today.

Micro Jobs Websites

Description: Particulars

Job Nature: Part-time and/or Full-time

Job Type: Work from Home (online)

Available Jobs: Data Entry, Word Processing, Transcribing

Earning Potential: up to Rs. 20000 per month

Availability: Globally Available

Working Hours: Your wish

Qualification: 10, +2, any degree

Age: Above 18 yrs

Skills: English, Typing, Internet Browsing

Payout via: Bank Transfer, PayPal, Payoneer

Joining Fee: Free (sometimes paid)

This is another great online portal to find genuine online typing jobs without investment. 

Micro Jobs Sites aka Crowdsourcing Websites are an online platform that allows people to work on small tasks that usually last for a minute to an hour. It is the temporary job or task-type job usually listed by employers and the job seekers can get it done.

This is one of the genuine places where you can easily get typing works. This is one of the easiest ways to make money by spending a little time. Online Micro Jobs are defined as, “a small job/task that is usually available for a small project and for a short time”.

This creates huge employment for many people to work at their homes and get paid genuinely. Out of other jobs, there are many different kinds of typing jobs available on these platforms.

You can find simple typing jobs, writing jobs, online surveys, and other similar kinds of jobs here. These jobs do not require any special skills and you will be paid between $0.05 to $1 for every job you complete.

Also, each task does not consume much time and you can work any time you wish.

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1. Amazon Mechanical Turk

2. Upwork

3. Appen

4. Click Worker

5. CrowdSource

6. Rapid Workers

7. Micro Workers

Earn Money by Blogging (Bonus Tip)

Make money from blogging If you like typing works, then I recommend you start a blog to earn money by using your typing skill. Blogging is the most efficient way of making money from home and it creates a sustainable income over the years.

You should update your blog content with fresh content on what your users need.

Thus it requires a lot of typing because you should keep writing more new articles on different topics. You cannot make money overnight in this typing job because your blog needs the traffic to start generating revenue.

Along with typing skills, you need good SEO knowledge including both On-Page and Off-Page SEO with patience. Do not get stuck on what topic to choose to start a blog, learn lots of ideas from this article – Different blog ideas to start blogging.

Blogging is a tedious process and if you do it with patience and perseverance, surely you will achieve success.

If you wish to start a blog and earn more than a lakh every month, ask me how.

How to Find Scam Typing Jobs?

Almost all online jobs are genuine but there are equal scam jobs are also there that trap people and make them lose their money. The above sites I have recommended and the ideas I have shared are 100% genuine.

There is no absolute way of getting scammed by anyone. However, there are few chances out there where people were easily scammed.

Let us see what are the different techniques used to scam people.

Do Not Pay Any Fee

If the site is asking for any kind of investment or fee, then just stay away from them. Because the real employer or the company needs the employee to complete their data typing work why there is a need to ask for a fee?

A small common sense will save you from being scammed. Legitimate sources such as freelancers and Upwork never ask their members for a fee.

Company History

Do you not join a new company or website? Even the website or the company that claims many years of industry experience seems to be a scam.

Ask them for the real registration proofs of the said year before joining them.

Fake Testimonials

Most websites do have a separate testimonials page to trap new visitors very easily. Most of these testimonials are fake and photos were taken anywhere on the Internet.

Try to find and authenticate the source of the testimonials before trusting them.


Do not join companies that are located far away from your home location. This is utter proof of the scam.

Also, some websites display some random address on their contact page, try to verify the reallocation before joining.

Read User Reviews

Normally, every website that provides typing jobs does have a legal name for their business.

Try to verify the authenticity of the business name and its real location.

Find the Administrator

This is a very common method of scamming people by not revealing their identities.

If the site does not reveal the real person behind the screen, then it is 100% sure they are a scam.

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Check Whois Data: Online Typing Jobs Without Investment

This is a very easy method of identifying scammers online. Go to and type the domain name. Look at the results which show the registrant’s name, address, phone number, and email ID. If those data are protected, probably it is a sign of a scam. Be aware of and analyze more before joining them.

There are so many different types of methods scammers follow to trap people easily. So, next time before searching for online typing jobs without investment, keep all this important advice in mind.

To sum up, I recommend this job is genuine and it depends on the website or the company that offers this job.

Online Typing Jobs Without Investment


If you are one among the people who search for easy online jobs from home, then you should believe there is nothing you will get easier. As the internet grew, more people were getting into this field, thus constantly increasing the competition in every work.

You will get success if you are ready to LEARN and develop your SKILL unless you can not tolerate the tough competition. I have discovered various online typing jobs without investment based on their income potential and competition.

For example, if you choose micro-typing jobs, then there will be small competition simultaneously the earnings will be less.

Similarly, if you choose to start content writing jobs or blogging, then you can earn more money every month.

Online Typing Jobs without investment are very easy to work if you have good typing speed and a good command of English. I hope this article is useful to you. Kindly share this article with your friends on Facebook and Twitter.

This will help someone who is searching for genuine jobs on the Internet.

FAQ: Online Typing Jobs Without Investment

How can I earn money by typing?

There is a great opportunity for typing jobs for college students, housewives, and job seekers. If you have Good Typing Speed and English Speaking Skills, you can easily get a job in typing. All you need is to find and register an account with a genuine site and start bidding on projects.

Is Typing a Good Job?

If you have a medium to fast typing speed of anywhere between 50 – 80 wpm, you can earn a decent income monthly. There are so many companies that outsource their typing work. Hence, the job availability is large and anyone can easily get one.

What Types of Typing Jobs are available?

Book Typing, Document Writing, Legal Transcribers, Data Entry Specialists, Journalists, Translator, Website Content Writer. These are some examples for your reference. Every person has a job in this field based on his/her skill.

Are Typing Jobs Real?

Yes, and of course it depends on what type of company you choose to work with. Take an example in this article, I have referred to a few genuine sites like Freelancer, Fiverr, etc. You will get real jobs on these sites. But getting your first job is difficult because you need to have a skill and showcase your portfolio to get work easily.

Do I need to Pay to get the Work?

Maybe and again it depends on the company you choose to work with. Some genuine companies require a small security deposit, but most typing jobs are free. Anyone can easily get a job and start making it just by spending time in their home.

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